2024 Summer Hotel Links

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2024 Team 91 Charlotte Hotels
*As of Apr. 5th, 2024*

June 1st/2nd, 2024
NLF Summer Kickoff – Baltimore, MD
Hotels Link: NLF Summer Kickoff - BOOKING LINK

Project South - Atlanta, GA
Hotels Link: Click Here

June 8th/9th, 2024
Adrenaline Platinum Cup - Frederica, DE
Hotels Link: Click Here

Baltimore Summer Kickoff - Baltimore, MD
Hotels Link: Click Here

June 15th/16th, 2024
Great 8 - Greenwich, CT
Hotels Link: Click Here

June 22nd/23rd, 2024
Legends Eastern Invitational - Richmond, VA
This is a event has posted clear instructions regarding stay-to-play parameters. The event and hotel company can do a side-by-side review of team rosters and hotel bookings and hold the right to dismiss our team(s)s from the event.
Hotel Options: Legends Eastern Team91 Charlotte Block

Crabfeast - Baltimore, MD
Hotels Link 1: Click Here
Hotels Link 2: Click Here

Millon Summer Invitational - Baltimore, MD - Deadline to Reserve is May 15th
Hotel Link 1: Click Here
Hotel Link 2: Click Here